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The image that started it all. John Lennon painting
with my artwork on the left.

About Me

I began training to become a cabinet maker as a school-leaver. After a short time wreaking havoc, as only an excitable sixteen year old in a busy workshop can, I was moved upstairs to the slower paced marquetry section for the safety of myself and others! It really suited me and helped me to focus on developing  a new and useful skill.

Sometime later, while visiting a friend, I noticed a picture of John Lennon on the wall. “I bet you I could make that out of wood” was all it took. I made the John Lennon picture and presented it to Julia Baird, Lennon’s sister.

That was it, I had the bug and have continued to develop my style since then. If you like my work please contact me to order a bespoke commission.

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